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The iPad is a true success story. It took half the time for Apple to sell a million iPads compared to the first generation of iPhone (which was extremely popular when it first launched). The iPad 1st generation led to the iPad 2. While the iPad 2 continued to sell as a seperate SKU the iPad name continued onto 3rd and 4th generations before being rebranded as the iPad Air. The iPad Mini has enjoyed success and continued for multiple generations itself. In September 2015 Apple introduced the iPad Pro expanding its line again, tageting a more professional demographic with it's large screen, enhanced productivity and other premium features.

Our expert technicians can repairs virtually every part of the iPad. Back and housing, battery replacements, data recovery, button repairs, LCD/Digitizer replacement, water damamge, ports and other components. We use only the highest quality parts and perform the repairs in a professional, speedy, affordable way.

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Diagnostic Analysis

When your device visits our service center, we test every feature to ensure that your device is working to its full capabilities. If there is an issue, our experienced technicians perform everything they can to have your device functioning properly again.