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The LG G6 is an aesthetically charming, flagship phone from LG.

Non-Apple and non-Samsung phones are often underrated, this is certainly the case with the excellent LG G6. It dual 13MP, and single 5MP front-facing cameras are flush with the body of the phone. Its large 18:9 aspect ratio screen is gorgeous and among the best in its class. Its packed with enhanced features of the previous LG devices like wide camera selfies and gesture shot for easy capture.

FixMyPod is here to bring your damaged or malfunctioning LG G6 back to like-new condition.

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Battery Replacement

Is your device draining quickly or dying at random percentages? Our experienced technicians can replace your battery and always ensure proper charge/drain tests following a new battery installation.

Front Camera/Back Camera

Are either of your camera's blurry, not focusing or just simply don't work? We can replace this part and have you taking selfies again in no time.

Home Button Repair

Is your home button stuck or just not functioning? This common issue is a standard repair for our experienced technicians.

LCD/Digi Replacement

If your screen is smashed, the touch part isn't functioning or if it is difficult to see the image on the screen, it is time for a screen replacement. Our expert technicians specialize in replacing phone screens quickly and reliably. Our repairs are meant to last!

Liquid Cleaning and Diagnostics

If your device has been exposed to any liquid; water, juice, wine, oil or has been accidentally dropped in the toilet, there is still hope! Our expert technicians use a special machine to clean all the corrosion off of the motherboard and can have your device working again in no time!

USB/Charging Port Replacement

Don't hear that satisfying sound of connecting your phone to its charger? It's your charging port! Let our experienced technicians handle this repair for you!