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Data Backup / Restore

FixMyPod offers comprehensive data recovery, extraction and file transfer services for your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Even if your smartphone has been tossed in a lake we can still recover data from your water damaged device.

We can easily transfer photos, contact information, important calendar dates, text messages and other media from your old cell phone to your new one with our data migration, and assured file transfer services. Our experienced technicians adhere to strict policies and procedures when completing your data recovery and file transfer services. Your data stays private and secure during the entire process.


From one device to another we offer data backup services for all your data needs. Important pictures? Notes? Schedule? We can put it all onto a USB stick or transfer it directly to a different external device. Our qualified experts have literally done this thousands of times. Please, don't take a chance losing your most precious memories and information and let our specialized technicians take the fear away by performing data backup services for your important data.


Many people come into our store with water damaged devices and the hopeless look on their face says it all. The possibility of losing all their data and stored memories is enough to bring some customers to tears. Fortunately we offer data recovery services for just these types of critical situations. Data stored on a water damaged or otherwise unresponsive device is not always lost. Let our experienced technicians recover your data with our data recovery restoration services.