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Your Favorite Wine & Your New iPhone, Don’t Mix!

motherboard damage

This Is What Moisture Can Do To Your Smartphone!

When we warn customers about taking their phone into the shower, using it at work, or having it in a hot steamy environment (like a kitchen or sauna) their response is usually the same “I’ve never had a problem before!” The truth is that corrosion on circuitry happens over time. Corrosion can build up on connections inside your smartphone even without you knowing it. It’s caused by moisture and humidity and can often lead to significant long-term issues impacting the functionality of your device. It can be confusing for people to understand why their device is malfunctioning because the cause and effect are not always immediate.

What NOT To Do:

Say you’re at your favorite restaurant, your phone is on the table and suddenly the waiter knocks-over your glass of Cab Sauvé (that you’ve been looking forward to all week) and spills it all over your iPhone! Your friend (who wasn’t much interested in conversation prior to the incident) brilliantly suggests you “Put it in rice!” You get it home, put it in a bowl of rice, wait a day and half, and Presto! Just like magic your phone starts working again! You thank the gods and forget the whole incident ever happened. Here is what you missed: Wine has dried inside your device leaving behind a white dust known as corrosion. The corrosion will build up slowly over time and spread along the small metal connections of your device. It will act like a wall blocking electrical signals between connections and eventually disrupt the normal functions of your smartphone. In some situations, corrosion can grow so big that it will start making abnormal connections, really confusing the user!

What TO DO If Your Phone Has Been Water Damaged:

Do not plug it in! Turn off your phone and bring it to FixMyPod. Electrical signals inside your phone will direct the path of corrosion. That is why it is important to remember if your phone gets wet, has been exposed to humidity or if you suspect water damage do not plug it in! The last thing you want to do is run an electrical current through your water damaged device and encourage the growth of corrosion. Power down your smartphone and bring it to FixMyPod so our expert technicians can clean and dry it professionally reducing the risk of corrosion and restoring functionality to your device.

FAQ’s About Water Damage & Corrosion Build-Up

Q: What is corrosion?

A: Corrosion appears as white dust on your motherboard and can eventually disrupt normal smartphone functions.

Q: What should I do if my phone has been water damaged?

A: It is important to move quickly with your water damaged device to avoid any further damage to your phone. Turn off your device and contact FixMyPod about liquid cleaning treatment.

Q: My phone has never showed signs of water damage before, why is it starting now?

A: Because this is a gradual process that happens over time, it may only take a small fall or jostling to disturb any corroded circuitry and break connections.

Q: Does liquid cleaning always work?

A: We cannot guarantee success for water damage because it is difficult to tell if critical components inside your phone have been shorted.

FixMyPod Water Damage Liquid Cleaning Process:

When we perform liquid cleaning on a water damaged device, we use a special German formula to scrub your motherboard with a specialized ultra-sonic machine that will clear corrosion from your phone’s circuitry. Once your phone has been scrubbed clean, it is then placed in a special phone dryer to remove any residual moisture. Your phone is then put back together by our expert technicians in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Your phone is tested thoroughly to ensure it has returned to 100% functionality. If there are still problems with the normal functions of your smartphone, you will be notified and authorization will be requested to proceed. Replacement parts will then be used to ensure any malfunctioning connections are replaced. Once, cleaned, dried, assembled, and tested, assuring proper functionality, your phone is returned to you fully operational.

Unfortunately your phone won’t do you any good if your motherboard is corroded. Motherboards require complete and unbroken electrical connections to function at 100% efficiency. As you can see, connections within a smartphone are often microscopic and can be very difficult to repair once broken. That is why it is important to care for your phone, prevent damage, and repair it quickly and properly if an accident does occur.

Bring your device to our store at 626 Cataraqui Woods Dr. Unit #9 to prevent any further damage to your water damaged device or call (613) 634-3100 for expert advice.