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Tablet Repairs

Tablets, or tablet computers, have become increasingly popular in recent years with young and old consumers alike. The idea of having a computer you can take with you was science fiction just a decade ago. Today, you can find tablets at home, in the workplace, and even in your favourite restaurants. They are prevalent in industries such as healthcare, government, and education. Although tablets are an excellent and versatile device, they are prone to damage from being dropped. This can ultimately bend the frame, crack the glass, or cause internal motherboard damage. Even if your tablet is cared for correctly, it still may suffer from common wear and tear issues with the charging port or battery. Our services are located in Kingston, Ontario and cover virtually any tablet repair including screen replacement, front and back glass repair, and many other repair services. We specialize in iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and Google tablets. Contact us today to book your repair appointment!

iPad Repairs


The Apple iPad did the same thing for tablet computers, that the iPhone did for smartphones. It made them popular and brought them to the masses. The iPad has made several contributions to tablet technology, especially in software and hardware. Although these devices look sleek and have excellent functionality, they are also quite fragile. FixMyPod repairs all iPad models including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and the original iPad. We offer a variety of repairs for iPads including battery replacement, screen replacement, charging port repair, and digitizer screen repair.
Galaxy Tab Repairs


Samsung started offering high-end tablets a few years ago and has improved consistently on their design, hardware, software, and is now introducing AI into their technology. Samsung’s line of Galaxy Tab devices offer variations to suit individual user needs. They run Android OS and are fully compatible with other Samsung devices including Galaxy smartphones and Gear products. FixMyPod repairs all Galaxy Tab models including the Galaxy Tab S2, Tab E, Tab A, and the Galaxy Tab 4.
Google Tablet Repairs


Google provides a wide variety of portable Nexus tablets in partnership with various manufacturers. Most prominently the Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and the launch of the new Google Pixel C has prompted customers to take notice of Google and it’s mid-high range options of exciting user friendly tablets. We offer repairs for most Google Tablet models including screen repair, and battery replacement.