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Unlock Services


When you buy a smartphone from a carrier like Bell, Rogers, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Wind or Fido phones come “Locked” to that carrier. This means you can't transfer services to a different carrier unless you “Unlock” your phone because SIM cards or “Subscriber Identification Module” cards will only be accepted from the carrier you bought it from.

Unlocking your smartphone lets you use it with any carrier, provided the hardware is compatible with the network bandwidth of the carrier you're switching too. For example, Wind Mobile phones are compatible with major carriers like Telus, Bell, and Rogers because they have a larger bandwidth but phones purchased from these major carriers may not be compatible with Wind because of Wind’s limited bandwidth.

In the majority of cases unlocked phones will accept SIM cards from any carrier but please note that we cannot guarantee an unlocked phone will work with any service provider in Canada. If you’re unsure give us a call at (613) 634-3100.


Our experienced technicians are constantly monitoring incoming orders. We quickly assess the request for an unlock code, noting the IMEI code, model of phone, manufacturer and the carrier it's locked to. Some unlock codes are sent via email within a couple of hours but it can also take 1-3 business days depending on the phone and location in Canada. We employ local Kingston, Ontario talent to support the community. We refuse to depend on inferior foreign systems which spit out codes from unsecured databases.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Each phone we unlock comes with a commitment to you the customer, not the service provider. Our knowledgeable technicians and service representatives are ready to answer your phone unlock questions before, during, and after the phone unlock process. We offer support by both phone and email to better suit your preference, striving for 100% customer satisfaction.


We are a registered business operating in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. All phone unlock code payments are processed via PayPal which provides 100% protection for any payment they process. To keep yourself safe, be sure of a website's security before you hand over your IMEI number (used in unlocking) and any other personal information. Some sites offer unrealistically low prices but are not guaranteed to be effective. You can always trust FixMyPod to provide the best cell phone unlock services that are reliable, honest, and of great value to the customer.

Automated / Online Unlock

Easily unlock your phone using our online automated unlock services. Just follow the simple steps to receive your unlock code and experience the freedom of choosing a carrier and service provider you want to be paired with.

In-Store Unlock

Feel more comfortable coming to our store and having us do the unlock for you? No problem! We are happy to assist you in getting your phone unlocked. We can perform phone unlock services for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and many other popular makes and models. Bring your device to 626 Cataraqui Woods Drive Unit #9 and let us help unlock your phone for you.