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MacBook Air (11 inch)

The MacBook Air 11 inch model comes with an impressive 9 hours of battery life to keep you going throughout the day. The 11 inch MacBook can be described as thin, light, and powerful. It comes with flash storage and a list of very powerful apps. Although affordable, your money should not be thrown away if you incur damage upon your MacBook Air. Bring in your MacBook Air and let our professional, expert technicians diagnose your device and perform repairs as needed.


Charging Port Replacement

Mac not charging properly? Get the charging port replaced.

Complete Diagnostics

Your Mac seems to be on the fritz and you can’t figure out why. Bring it in for a diagnostic to have FixMyPod’s trained technicians figure out what’s wrong!

Data Migration

Moving from your PC to a Mac? Got a new Mac and need your data moved over? FixMyPod’s trained technicians have the know-how to get it done.

Full Screen Repair

Is your Mac’s screen cracked or not displaying properly? We can replace it for you.

Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade

Not enough space? Hard drive seems to be failing? Have FixMyPod replace or upgrade your drive for more capacity!

Keyboard/Top Case replacement

Missing keys? Time to get the keyboard replaced! The keyboard is the top case assembly, so your Mac will look brand new after we replace the keyboard!

Liquid Cleaning

Spill a cup of coffee on your Mac? We’ve got you covered! FixMyPod has a state of the art liquid damage treatment to get your Mac going again!

Macbook Battery Replacement

Is your battery not lasting the full 8 hours it should or draining rapidly? It’s probably time for a replacement.

Memory Upgrade

Running a lot of applications? Have a lot of tabs open online? Get a memory upgrade to help your Mac keep speeding along!

Solid State Drive/SSD Upgrade

Hard drive not fast enough? Give your Mac a boost with a solid state drive! A storage device with no moving parts means that you can access your files and applications without having to wait for a slow spinning disk drive to find them!

System Optimization

Mac running slow? Things seem to be glitching a little? Get a system optimization done!

System Reformat

Time to get everything cleared up and start over again? Get a system reformat to wipe the slate clean!

Trackpad Replacement

Cracked your trackpad? Not recognizing touch anymore? Replace your trackpad! Virus Removal Is your Mac sick? Picked up some malware somewhere? Have FixMyPod give your Mac a flu shot with Virus Removal!